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Ep 028: Stay Put

Do not quit your job! I can't tell you how many people reached out to me each week that are asking questions like: "Is this what I should be doing with my life?" and "Isn't there something better than this?" These questions are what motivated my TEDx talk. To talk to the change-maker, the INTRApreneur. That someone who is fully capable of doing so many good things AND chooses to work within an organization. Enjoy this solo episode where I share why it's important to stay put, maximize your impact, and get ready for your "best next!"

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Ep 027: Anti-Corporate or Pro-Humanity?

Just the other day, I got asked by a client to "tone down my anti-corporate messaging," yikes. And I was a little taken aback, and I realized that pro-humanity messages can often be interpreted as anti-corporate. This episode breaks down why that is a harmful mindset, and why pro-humanity work must be encouraged and supported. Let's dive in.

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Ep 026: What is an INTRApreneur?

I get asked a lot, "What is an INTRApreneur?" In this episode, I tell you why I am passionate about this concept, and how I support the work of INTRApreneurs--people who display entrepreneurial traits and choose to work within an organization. It could be for a for-profit, non-profit, hospital, church, school, startup, or any other organization. If you are someone who wants to own your time, talents, and voice within a system, and use that to create change to work against the status quo, then you should listen to this episode!

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Ep 025: Emotions at Work with Dr. Kurt Nelson

As someone who has been a coach and worked with 2 to 20 individuals on conflict resolution, communication, productivity, and mental health in the workplace...emotions are something that are either going to hinder or help a person/situation. I am passionate about helping you make sure that your emotions, or the emotions of other people, actually help the situation and not hinder it. Dr. Kurt Nelson works with behavioral science and helps companies and people address their emotions as individuals and as teams. Join us as we dive into how we can leverage emotions and use them for more powerful connection and performance!

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Ep 024: Leveraging Your Varied Experience for Career Success with Connie Steele

This episode is for the individuals within organizations who want to leverage where they're at right now. They want to grow, they want to learn, they want to test. They want to put together a plan to get to their best next, and so we're talking to you about how to do that. How do you work within a system and move your ideas forward? There is power in being that INTRApreneur, someone who wants to maximize their impact right where they are and get to their best next.

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